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Age: 2-4 years approx.

Female, fully vaccinated

Scheduled to be spayed early December 2020

Color/Fur: Tan with white markings

Breed: Bully breed



Welcome Miss MAYA! MAYA was found under a car on a very hot day in Bakersfield, California.

A wonderful gentleman got her out from under the car and took her to his house where he gave her water and fed her and reached out to his daughter for assistance on what to do with her next. We contacted shortly after the man contacted his daughter and asked to help with getting MAYA medical assistance. MAYA upon arrival to this gentleman’s house appeared to have recently had puppies. Her nipples were still full and leaking, but there were no signs of puppies anywhere near where she found. MAYA was also covered in wounds and scars and had an injury on her left front leg that appeared to be a dog bite that had either never healed or was a broken bone. After we were contacted, transport and networking got to work, and we got MAYA into our physical care quickly. We got in her into the vet right away and thankfully found out that most of her scarring was superficial, her leg appeared to be an old injury that never had the opportunity to heal properly and overall, she was in great health.


MAYA since being in our care and after a couple of weeks of bed rest to help her leg recover, has really come out of her shell. She is a bit of a wild woman. MAYA is always very happy and energetic. There are several training things that we would like to work on with MAYA prior to her being adopted but as with any dog, training is something that should be a lifestyle, meaning that MAYA is fully ready to meet her adoptive family now with hopes of a bright future. She will not be spayed until early December which does slow down her adoptive process a tiny bit, but again she is ready to meet any potential forever home. MAYA Is a very sweet girl, always smiling, and very playful. As of right now, we think she’d do great in a home without small children, cats or other dogs. MAYA deserves a happily ever after, after what our best guess would be that she lived the life of a backyard breeding female until she was no longer useful. If you would like the opportunity to meet MAYA, please fill out the application below.

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