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Age: Apprx. 2 years old

Male, Microchipped, Nuetered and fully vaccinated.

Color/Fur: Slick Black Coat

Breed: Cane Corso 

Weight: 80 lbs


Goose is approximately two years old male Cane Corso who is looking for his forever best friend. Ideally, Goose's perfect mate wold be someone who is completely happy hanging out at home. He loves to snuggle, gets the occasional zoomies when you get home but is more than happy to be a netflix and chill buddy. While he has opened his heart to a few dog companions, another dog is not necessary for him to thrive. Goose is a shy guy. He can be a bit timid when you first meet him but once you get him to open by slowly getting to know him, he will adore you forever. 

If your'e wondering about his eyeballs, Goose was brought to our attention after he arrived at a local shelter with Cherry eye. Cherry eye is a medical condition that causes that gland to expand, inflame and sometimes be irritated. Goose did have one surgery to try to repair his eyes right after being rescued with us. But the procedure did not totally work for him a coupe weeks after it was performed, and his cherry eye returned. Cherry Eye surgery is most performed for cosmetic reasons, and may become a physical issue down the road. But at the moment Goose is not bothered by his cherry eyes and we hope that you would not be either. 

Another wonderful thing about Goose is that while he has been in our care, he was put through a board and train program with amazing dog training company named Primal Canine. Goose is very shy and timid and needed some help getting out of his shell a bit. After 4 weeks with their trainer Korey, Goose was like a brand new dog. We loved seeing how much more comfortable he was with himself and new environments. Goose would love someone who wants to keep growing with him, but he doesn't need dog park days or crazy adventures to be happy. Goose is looking for someone who is mellow and looking for a best friend. 

If you would like to learn more about Goose, please do not hesitate to reach out though email, text or phone call. Goose has been waiting for over a year since leaving the shelter to find his perfect forever. Goose is located in San Jose, CA and we do not ship dogs. 

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