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Meet Bronson

Age: a little over 1 year old

Male, neutered/fully vaccinated

Color/Fur: Black and White markings

Breed: Shepard/Bully Breed mix

Weight: Est. 50 lbs.



BRONSON is currently a foster of SO MANY PAWS and is available for adoption through MILO Foundation. (link attached below for application)


BRONSON was put in our care after a series of unfortunate events. BRONSON was adopted from MILO foundation as a puppy. He has had the same owner for the 11 months of his life after adoption before he was returned to the shelter. BRONSON was returned to the shelter after nipping a small child during a game of tug of war. While in the shelter, he was extremely stressed and very difficult to handle. The shelter and rescue staff considered euthanizing BRONSON due to these behaviors as they were not sure they would have someone who could handle him. That is when MILO reached out to SO MANY PAWS and asked us to foster him, help him with his attitude and prepare him for a forever home.


BRONSON has been in our care for 3 months now and since being in our care he has gained a lot more confidence and several things that were difficult with him in the beginning are becoming easier. BRONSON can be pushing and bossy, but he is great on his leash, and plays well with dogs of low energy and with proper introductions. Our biggest struggle with him is remaining calm while we work other dogs and not give him the attention he demands. BRONSON is an extremely smart dog which probably how he got himself into trouble in the first place. We would love to see BRONSON end up in a sporty athletic home as he loves swimming and is very eager to learn and work. He will do anything for a treat or ball which makes training a breeze. But he can be a pushy dog which is why we believe he would do best in a home that is going to instill structure and rules in his home. If placed in a home with other dogs or children, we would suggest a home with calm family members that can help BRONSON continue to work on relaxing. Overall BRONSON is a wonderful dog, we believe that he didn’t get the proper structure he needed as a puppy and is now learning to be a dog and undo his past.


To apply to potentially meet BRONSON click the button below

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