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Age: Apprx. 3 years old

Male, (Will be neutered, microchipped, and fully vaccinated 7/302020)

Color/Fur: Brindle with white chest and markings

Breed: Bully Breed


Background coming soon:


BIO (Written by his Foster):

Diesel is a big (74 lb) energetic boy who doesn't realize his own size. He loves cuddling, playing with his toys, and gets VERY excited to meet new dog and people friends. He does need some socializing and we are continuing his leash training to help him gradually get used to interactions with others. He hasn't met or played with many other dogs yet and the more he can socialize with them, the more he will learn to "dog" but that'll be a gradual process. Getting him neutered shortly will be very helpful as well. He is house trained, crate trained (he now goes into his crate to sleep on his own), and knows "sit", "down", "stay" (as long as there aren't many distractions), and is really good at "give" when playing fetch. He's not very food or treat motivated, however he does love toys, being pet & massaged, belly rubs, and is a very smart and fast learner. He grew up around kids and has the playful energy that would work great with children, however since he is a big boy, does tend to be a bit of a clumsy bulldozer sometimes. One of the most adorable things about Diesel is his Spiderman blanket that he cuddles and sleeps with every night. As soon as he's tired, he'll get his favorite blanket, fluff it up, and rest his head on it in the most adorable heart-wearming way.

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